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Can Love and Art Be Connected?

The following was posted quite long ago: "It has come to my attention that some in the Catholic art community may find my use of the word Sacred (describing my art work),not in keeping with the traditional Catholic definition of Sacred Art. This is a bit discouraging."

I was a practicing Catholic less than two years. I thought I had received a valid critique of my style.  However, the Deacon who told me to stop creating my art, brought confusion and I questioned my vision. This person had never talked to me. He only saw a single piece of my art work; submitted to him with my petition to be a member of his on line society. This discouragement caused me to think that perhaps I had made a mistake in becoming confirmed into the Catholic Church. I became depressed and fought back discouragement, remembering other Catholics who had made my choice of church affiliation so difficult. I wondered was this ever going to end?

That was then. It is now forgiven and I leave it...

This is 2…

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